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Are you ready to feel connected to your body, purpose and desires & feel energized, aligned, and at ease in your own skin?

You do not feel like yourself in your own skin.

You're baseline stressed and anxious at all times.

You find yourself going through the motions of life without energy or passion.

You feel like a stranger to your own body, treating it like a machine. 

You live with all-or-nothing mentality around food, movement, and all aspects of life.

You set unrealistic, extremely rigid standards for yourself and feel like a failure when you fall short.

You have physical pain and tension in the body.

You experience intense bloating, constipation, & stomach upset.

You have no real clarity on what your body is asking for.

You're a perfectionist, workaholic, or 'busy' person.

You know that your mental and physical health COULD be better.

You feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting wellness information out there, and unsure of what actually works for you.

Sound like you?

Holistic Health Coaching


Ashley is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach who specializes in working with clients in healing their relationship with food and body.

Areas we can address include but are not limited to: rewiring thought patterns, integrating new habits, gaining clarity on how you want to feel and being held accountable to actually get there.

You'll experience:

the opportunity for self-exploration, growth & breakthrough

a partner, guide, and advocate for your growth, wellbeing & goals

working with a practitioner who deeply cares about you as a human. you will feel seen, heard, supported & acknowledged.



Ready to get to the root cause of your pain, tension and physical dysfunction? This unique therapeutic process rooted in the Egoscue Method involves individualized muscle activation techniques to teach your muscles to hold your bones in alignment.

Through postural photos, gait analysis, and functional testing, we'll discover the underlying misalignments that are holding you back from feeling amazing in your body.

This therapy is offered in person in downtown St Petersburg (address provided upon sign up) or virtually via zoom.

No manual manipulation takes place, so virtual is an equally great option!

What's included?

postural photos, gait analysis & functional testing to identify imbalances

a root cause approach to your pain, dysfunction & misalignments. no band-aids here!

access to individualized muscle reactivation exercises to help get to the root of your misalignments. each session includes a brand new set of exercises as we begin to chip away at the layers of misalignments in place

lifetime access to your exercises via an app

Here's what clients are saying

"After four sessions with Ashley, my chronic back pain is much improved. She developed an exercise program specifically for my problems that I can do to keep my body functioning well. She taught me how and why I was having pain and how these exercises would correct the pain by realigning the body structure. This method gets to the cause of your pain and therefore, it works.

Thank you for helping me to be pain-free."

- Sharon


"Ashley is a body genius! We did all kinds of cool exercises to help me decompress between clients and work through some running discomfort I was having. I've now been having my best and easiest timed runs ever since."

- Marley


"I feel so much more grounded and connected to not only myself to more things in my life. It’s been a wonderful journey as a woman and as a mother, I can share these life impacting learnings with my family and help them become mindful of the importance good nutrition and what that looks like."

- Amy


"When I met Ashley, I was a walking mess. Working from home for two years, sitting crossed legged on the sofa and hunched over a laptop caused pain my neck, back and hips. I had been sedentary as well so I was stiff, had poor posture and couldn’t stand for short periods.  I knew I needed a therapist to find the core issues. By the second appointment with Ashley, I could feel the work we had done and by the fourth the pains were letting go. The tailored exercises pinpointed the deep and rooted issues and were absolute key to my healing."

- Liz



I'm so grateful that our paths have crossed, and cannot wait to play a small part in your evolution.

My business was founded around the concept of returning back to our roots. Not only do I work with clients on finding the root cause of their ailments and concerns, but have found that by guiding them back towards living as nature intended, we as humans can live optimal, vibrant & healthy lives.

This concept is at the core of my business & everything that I do.

Hi there, I'm Ashley

Are you ready to find alignment, ease & harmony in all aspects of your wellness?